Cousin Oliver was added to the cast of the Brady Bunch for the last six episodes of season five, which also turned out to be the shows last. He was introduced as Carol’s nephew and was staying with the Brady’s while his parents, Jack and Pauline, were on a South American archeological dig.

Had the show gone on to a sixth season (and if Oliver had returned), it would have been interesting to see how his prolonged presence in the Brady house was explained. Would his parents still be on an extended archeological dig, or would Oliver be orphaned by some tragic accident? Would it have been addressed in true Brady Bunch fashion the same way as Tigers disappearance? Hell, we’ll never know. There would have been a new Mike Brady in season six anyway, so I suppose the Cousin Oliver explanation wouldn’t have been that high on anyone’s priority list.

All we have of this awesomely twisted show is 5 seasons and 117 episodes of ridiculously goofy sitcom family high jinks. As much as I loved the show growing up watching reruns, I have just as much fun picking on it, so let the games begin.